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Agate Oil Candle

Agate Oil Candles
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Price: $43.95
Availability: discontinued
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These stunning oil burning candles are crafted from polished Brazilian agate stones. Agate slice stones crafted as candles. Agate is a variety of quartz and is considered a semi precious stone. Agate stones come in a variety of brilliant colors. Agate is believed to be a powerful emotional healing stone.

Because each rock is natural and unique, the colors, shapes and sizes will vary from the pictures. On average, the candles are four inches to six inches in size.

Candle Description

Our radiant oil candles function like oil lamps and glass oil candles. You can burn fragrance oil, scented candle oil, some aromatherapy oils, citronella oil and pure paraffin oil. There is a 5/8 inch thick by 3 and 3/4; inch wide glass fuel tank permanently attached to the stone. A glass fuel tank is used so that the candle will not scratch your furniture surfaces and its low profile is hidden out of sight under the stone. These oil candles hold approximately 1 ounce of oil and burn 3 to 4 hours per fueling. The wick can be adjusted for flame height. We recommend pure paraffin smokeless oil to be burned in our rock candles but any lamp type oil can be used.

These oil candles are breathtaking and will be a treasured gift. These magnificent stones will provide the perfect ambiance to your wine decor.


These agate oil burning candles are available in:

Candle Setup

It is simple to fuel your oil candle.

  1. Lift the wick assembly from rock.
  2. Leave fiberglass wick inside glass insert.
  3. Place the funnel into the wick hole in the top the rock.
  4. Slowly pour oil into the reservoir. Do not overfill.
  5. Guide wick assembly into wick hole. You may have to twist the assembly into place.
  6. Allow a couple of minutes for the wick to absorb oil.
  7. Adjust the wick level to top of glass insert. If the wick is too high the candle may smoke.
  8. The candles can be used indoors or outdoors safely.

Safety Tips

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Agate Oil Candles